In the administration web pages, you'll find a list of the Board of Directors, and a copy of the Presidential Address given at the previous annual meeting. The Past Presidents are honoured for their contribution to the society.

An official version of the current ISSS Bylaws ensures that we operate as a coherent entity.

Finally, for individuals who are not yet members of the ISSS, the Membership area describes the benefits received by members, and provides a downloadable and editable application form.

There are (at least) three formal ways in which ISSS members can formally interact with other like-mind systems thinkers in the ISSS community.

SIGs -- which mean Special Integration Groups, not Special Interest Groups -- come together to share knowledge in common pursuits. The discussions are meant to be expansive, not reductive. SIGs bring together a large part of the content at the annual meetings.

Regional Chapters take advantage of close geographic proximity to have face-to-face events close to home. Since the annual meetings change venue from one location to another, every year, Chapters sometimes host local satellite conferences to share their ideas in a smaller group.

By the ISSS Bylaws, the chairs of active SIGs are members of the ISSS Council, along with Chapter Chairs, and members of the Board and Board of Trustees. These group leaders represent the interests and opinions of their constituents in the larger organizational context of ISSS decision-making.