E-ACCESS to Systems Research and Behavioral Science

In 2014 the ISSS moved to Electronic Access to Systems Research and Behavioral Science, rather than the printed mailed copies. The major benefit is that this will not only give you immediate access to an edition of the Journal as it is published, rather than wait for delivery by post, but will also give you access to the full back catalogue of those years of this Journal that are now online. This is the access that is now included with your membership fee for this coming year, and will not result in any increase in that basic membership fee. If you do wish to have a printed copy in addition to this access, then you may choose this for an additional $60 per year, using the category available in the online or paper membership forms.
As you enrol or renew membership SRBS (Wiley Online) will be sending you a unique personal login code for access. 
Membership or renewal can be done online now for 2015 at:
Please contact the isssoffice for any further information needed about enrolling or renewing membership.