ISSS2020 Stellanbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa

July 11-14, 2020 
Center for Complex Systems in Transition (CST), Stellenbosch University, South Africa 
Co-hosted by North-West University and Stellenbosch University 
Theme: Systemic Action towards Sustainable Development: Innovative and Integrative Approaches for Responding to Complexity
Chair: ISSS President Professor Shankar Sankaran 
With 6th Annual Graduate Training Program, July 8-10th, pre-conference meeting. 
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As we gather for the first time in the African Continent, the 64th meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences offers a unique opportunity to further our understanding of systems science, while pursuing approaches for its application in addressing United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and many of the challenges we face today.
We will again deliver a PhD student program to offer mentorship and instruction in the use systems approaches in research and provide opportunities to win one of three awards for student papers.
As we progress into this new decade, the ISSS is in a process of regeneration. Our membership seeks new ways to create, collaborate, practice, communicate, and share our collective expertise and the rich history of the founders, and all who precede us. This year’s conference will provide the opportunity for the systems community to come together for a vibrant conference discussing systems science and approaches to support sustainable development for a better world. 
This year, the ISSS is pleased to announce a collaboration with the International Federation of Systems Research (IFSR), and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) in a joint effort to link conference discussions on water and sanitation (UN SDG 6).
Please see the Call for Papers for more information regarding how to submit an abstract for a full paper or poster, or organize a workshop or other session, and begin working with us in creating this important event. 
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